Mutual Trust


South West Mutual is seeking a banking licence for a new kind of bank. One that is owned by its members and so always puts their interests first. 

Our mutual structure and ethical principles are designed to build and maintain trust between the bank and its members.

We will not engage in financial speculation, or pay huge bonuses to staff for selling financial products.  


Financial inclusion is part of our mission, and we seek to make a positive social and environmental impact. 

Supporting regional prosperity

We think that smaller businesses, and social, community and charitable enterprises are often at the bottom of the to-do list at large national banks.

These enterprises are the backbone of the economy, and the focus of our attention. From high street heroes to digital innovators, we want to be the bank of choice for local businesses.

From the branch to the boardroom, we are passionate about the south west, and our purpose is to support inclusive and sustainable prosperity across the region.


Everyday banking


We are seeking regulatory approval for a range of banking services:

CURRENT ACCOUNTS with advanced money management and multi-channel access through mobiles, web and branches.
SAVINGS accounts, including ISAs.
LOANS including overdrafts, mortgages.
SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES for secure storage of valuables and important documents.

PEOPLE AND BRANCHES - We believe that bank managers who know their communities well make the best lending decisions, and we are committed to providing branch facilities so that you can choose how you want to bank. 

Introducing South West Mutual


Disclaimer: We intend to apply for a banking licence to the Prudential Regulation Authority and Financial Conduct Authority. We are not yet authorised as a bank so please do not take any information on this website as an invitation or inducement to apply to South West Mutual for any banking services or products.